Naka Phuket Hotel designed by DBALP
It Looks like a bat!
Fuse Lighting - Acacia Pendant
ah the edison bulb. a lightbulb after my own heart.
Tech lighting
Use of Edison Lamping 
Tech Lighting
Light Bulbs: Know the Different Types HGTV
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Types of Lighting
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How to Calculate How Much Light a Room Needs | eHow
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Lighting Information

I’m having to pick out lighting for a client and am learning a lot. here’s a link on LED to Incandescent Watt conversion. Since LED are more cost efficient and more lighting vendors are using them these days it’s good to know. i’ll also post a link on the importance of watts and how many is recommended in each room of your home soon!

more to come! 

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Cherner Chair by Hive Design 
-whiplash curves
Internship Update

So the firm has been going paperless and putting all of their vendors into an online grid. I’ve been doing this task and as I’ve been doing so I’ve stumbled upon some really great brands. The pictures I’ve been adding so far and will continue to add probably until around August will be of brands I’ve found and other furniture and lighting bits I’ve stumbled upon during this internship. My blog is growing. Help it grow more! share my url with another design lover. thank you :)

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Poggen Pohl Design 
Kitchens & Cabinets Galore
Powell & Bonnell Design