Life drains me.

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flooring with character
A Floor with Character
Can we talk about that tub though„,
I have acquired a new found love for Marble.

here’s a Houzz article that talks about why to love and hate it, but I will always love it lol

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Indo teak Design - they specialize in flooring
Last Day of My Internship

And no one is here. 


I show up, and the door is locked and the lights are off.

I panic slightly, then just go over next door to another office to talk to a friend i’ve made.

I check my email and see that one (out of 3) of my coworkers made a quick pick-up/ drop off run so she’d be there soon. 

no biggie, I go grab some tea from caribou. 

So to conclude this experience…….Small business can be so unpredictable. but also stressful. 

Interior design can be incredibly complicated, but also so simple.

Owning your business can be a pain, but also so rewarding 

There’s always a back end to everything in life. The negatives make the positives that much more sweet. I interviewed my boss the other day. Here are some things she said that stood out to me….

- Everything individually must be beautiful. Don’t ignore the small things. 

- Face your fears everyday. It makes you a stronger person and gives you the ability to think on your feet

- Look in the mirror one day and tell yourself everything you need to do in order to be who you want to be. There’s always room to improve.  


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Naka Phuket Hotel designed by DBALP